Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wet N Wild lips

Hi Makeup Lovers!

Wow, I've been on a blogging roll so far today! I know I've been a little MIA since I've started my new gig, so bear with me :-)

After seeing a fellow bloggers FOTD which included a new WNW lipstick, I had to try it (I swear, I will buy anything you guys tell me to!) I decided to go for the truest red they had, which was shade 910D.

I like the formula - its creamy and not drying at all and stayed on for the entire night. I highly recommend Budgetistas look into these lippies.

No, I am not wearing wearing colored contacts -- my eyes just do this demonic, red eye thing in most pictures. UGH! Anywho, who has this lipstick? Let me know what you think.


  1. The red looks nice on you. :) I have one...can't remember which one at the moment. I love how full coverage they are but find them a little drying so I put on lip balm before I wear them. Ppl say the one called Spotlight Red is a dupe for Mac's Ruby Woo.

  2. You are just so pretty and yes the red looks good on you. Pls check out my blog when you get a chance

  3. MMM- Thank you! You are right. I should have mentioned that I used lip balm before applying and I had no problem with dryness.

    Tinuke - Thank you. Thanks for checking out my blog. I'll be sure to check you out :-)

  4. I really love the MegaLast matte l/s from Wet n Wild. I think I own all but one of them. I caught them on sale about 3 weeks ago and I reach for them daily now.

  5. I only have Stoplight Red and love it. @Mocha Mish Mash It is very close to being a dupe for Ruby Woo but Ruby Woo is Matte and Stoplight is more of a satin in my opinion. I have to pick up a few more of these next time they are on sale. Very pretty hon!