Monday, March 29, 2010

Revlon Lipsticks

Hi Beauties!

Last week CVS was having a buy one-get one half off sale on Revlon products. I purchased 2 lipsticks : Fuchsia and Crystal Cut Coral.

Fuchsia is one of Revlon's new lipsticks with sleek new packaging. It looks very expensive! This lipstick is a very pigmented dark fuchsia and is HOT! I LOVE IT! I rock this lipstick as often as possible :-)

Next is the Crystal Cut Coral. I think this lipstick is wack! The color is very dated. Its a frosted light pinky - coral color. It smells weird, it looks weird.. I've tried to make this lipstick work 100 different ways...with gloss, with liner, with liner AND gloss, over or under other lippies...still wack. I'm going to give this to my 8 year old niece to play with. No need to post a pic of this color.

Has anyone purchased any of the new Revlon lipsticks?

Better late than never - St. Patrick's Day look

Sorry this look is so late, but sometimes it takes me awhile to upload pics from my camera to my laptop. Here is the look I wore on St. Patrick's Day to go boozing :-)

Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer & Treatment
Milani Pressed Powder in Honey Amber
Rimmel blush in 031 Berry
MAC Sassed Up Iridescent Powder (from Fafi Collection)

VS Eyeshadow Primer
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
MAC Sharp on inner 1/2 of lid
MAC Humid on outer 1/2 of lid and blended into crease
MAC MSF Natural to blend out harsh lines
Wet N Wild Gel eyeliner
CG LashBlast mascara

LIPS: LOVE LOVE LOVE this lip combo!!!
MAC Ever Hip lipstick
MAC Perennial High Style lipglass

Friday, March 26, 2010

Paper Toilet Seat Covers?

After I have washed, moisturized and applied my makeup for the day – that’s it. Since I wear very minimal (if any) makeup to work, I cannot be bothered to touch up during the day unless I am going out after work. Usually in my makeup bag I have my lippies for the day, and some MAC MSF Natural with a fluffy brush.

Although I have dry skin, I can sometimes get shiny in my T-zone throughout the day. To combat this I simply use the disposable, paper toilet seat covers from the restroom at work to absorb excess oil - - it works like a charm! Somepeole even cut them up and have them handy in their makeup bag. You ladies should give it a try.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Homemade Tinted Moisturizer

Often times I mix my own tinted moisturizer with 2 parts moisturizer (nothing too thick) and 1 part liquid foundation. I like that it provides a dewy look without looking greasy and its still gives a tad bit of coverage.

Here is a look of me with my tinted moisturizer and curly hair (I'm getting better at styling my hair this way):

Tinted moisturizer
NYX Pinky blush

MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot
MAC Melon pigment
Maybelline soft brown to blend
Maybelline black on outer V
CG LashBlasat

MAC Honey Flower

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Purple + Grey

I could not wait to try out MAC's Bough Grey from the new Liberty of London collection. This was a color that I feel that I don't currently own and is not easy to dupe as far as I know (If I am wrong and there is a good dupe, please correct me!)

As a way to make myself feel better for buying new makeup, I decided to dig in my stash and use my abandoned NYX Deep Purple and Urban Decay Ransom in this look as well.

I fell in love with Ever Hip lipstick and Perennial High Style lipglass when I tried it on in the store. Gorgeous! When I did this look at home, something was off. Then I realized that the MUA gave me the Frankly Fresh lipglass instead. I'll be making a trip to MAC first thing tomorrow to exchange.

On to the pics ('scuse the frizzies)..

VS Primer
NYX Deep Purple on lid
MAC Bough Grey in crease and blended upward
Milani to highlight
Urban Decay Ransom on bottom lash line
Wet N Wild Gel Liner

Revlon ColorStay in 400 Caramel
MAC MSF Natural to contour
MAC Cream Color base in Hush to highlight
MAC Sweet as Cocoa blush

MAC Ever Hip lipstick
MAC Frankly Fresh Lipglass

Monday, March 15, 2010

My first blog award!

Mo of ALLmEYEne @ Mo's Art of Makeup tagged me with my first blog award! I really appreciate that people read my blog and am doubly appreciative that someone thinks I'm a beautiful blogger. :) Check Mo out here Also I have to reveal 7 random facts about myself.

1. I have a major sweet tooth. I love cakes, candy, etc but I don't eat it nearly as much as I want to because it's unhealthy.
2. I love to read. I can get mesmerized in a novel and finish reading it in 1 day.
3. I have a magazine addiction. One day I will post pics of all of the magazines that I have...I seriously have an Essence mag with Lauryn Hill on cover from years ago!
4. This one is a little embarrassing - I LOVE to watch shows about animal attacks and what to do when attacked by a wild animal (bear, shark, cheetah etc.) which is weird because I am a total city girl and wouldn't be caught dead in the woods. I know, I know.
5. I want to learn how to sew. Currently I do not even own a needle and thread.
6. I sucked my thumb for years as a kid.
7. I would rather text/Instant message than talk on the phone...I'm not big on small talk.


I am trying to get away from doing alot of neutral looks, so I have been experimenting with different color options. It's time to try pink!

I am not sure how I feel about this look, it is:
(I tried to crop out my headscarf in the last pic)

Here is what I am wearing ~

Revlon ColorStay Foundation in 400 Caramel (just purchased and still testing)
Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer & Treatment
MAC Cream Color Base in Hush to highlight
MAC MSF in By Candlelight applied over Hush
MAC X Rocks blush
ELF Tickled Pink blush

MAC Cream Color Base in Hush
MAC Pink Bronze pigment on lid
MAC Brash & Bold pigment blended into crease
generic brown in crease
MAC Hush as a highlight
Wet N Wild gel eyeliner in black
Wet N Wild white eyeliner on waterline
LashBlast mascara

NYX l/l in Toast
MAC Viva Glam Gaga

Sunshine Award!

The talented Ms. Tinuke, of Fierce Beauty gave me a Sunshine Award!! Check out Tinuke's looks here.

And thank you to all of you lovely ladies who read my blog!!:-)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Purple Passion FOTD

Hey Makeup Lovers!

I'm trying to come up with creative names for my posts...what do you think? Lame or not? lol

Anywho - I wore this face last weekend.

Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer & Treatment in Med/Tan
MAC MSF Foundation - which has become too dark for me right now
MAC X Rocks Blush
MAC Shimpagne to highlight

Victoria Secret Primer
Trax on lid and slightly above
Beauty Marked over Trax
Sketch in outer corner and into crease
Yogurt on inner corner
Cover Girl LashBlast mascara

MAC Shitake l/s
Revlon Cherry Blossom l/s

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dark Shimmer

Hi Makeup Lovers,

I came across some pics from a party that I attended a few months ago. I'm sorry - I don't remember what colors I used but the overall look is a dark smokey shimmer.

Do you like?


Hi all,

I've been MIA for a little while but I'm working on a big project and paper for school. As soon as I finish up I'll be back to my blogging responsibilities :-)

I've gotten some new goodies to share with you all...can't wait!!!

See you soon.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Realization about my dark circles!

It really pains me to type this, but concealer alone doesn't cut it when it comes to my under eye circles. I'm not sure when this happened but my bags have evolved to the point that I NEED a corrector under my concealer.

I do not wear a full face of makeup everyday but I will do a minimal look for school, work, etc. The other day I was camera whoring for a Minimal FOTD to post; as I looked at the pics on my camera it really hit circles are dark. Very dark. And stubborn.

I've come to the conclusion that corrector must become a part of my everyday makeup as opposed to concealer only. The below pics are of me wearing only Lancome Maquicomplet concealer with no corrector, Milani pressed powder, MAC Sweet as Cocoa blush, ELF Sun Kissed Powder to highlight. On my lips - Lancome liner in Raisenberry, Lancome Juicy Tube in Beach Plum.

And here I am with Eve Pearl's Dual Salmon Concealer and Treatment. I will post a FOTD for this look soon.