Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Glamorous Gleam's Housewarming Giveaway

Mz. More of the The Glamorous Gleam is hosting a giveaway. Click here to enter her giveaway and to check out her blog. The girl is BAD!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quick Smokey Brown FOTD

Hi Beauties!

I have been neglecting you all...I"M SORRY!! It's been SO hot here and 97+ degrees = no makeup for me. I went out a few weeks ago and this is the face I wore. I wanted to go for a natural, smokey brown look that I could achieve quickly (if that makes any sense).

Click pics to enlarge

MAC Fix + as a moisturizer
Black Radiance Shine Control Complexion Perfection Primer
Revlon ColorStay (I am aware that it;s too light for me right now)
Lancome Maquicomplete concealer under eyes and to define brows
MAC Light Over Dark blush (LOVELOVELOVE)
MAC Refined Deeper Bronze around hairline and temples -- I was trying to do something about the obvious discoloration around my hairline UGH!)

MAC Quite Natural Paint Pot from lid to slightly above crease
Satin Taupe on lid and blended slightly upward
Milani Pressed Powder to blend harsh edges
tan shimmery shadow for inner corner (from Maybelline palette)
Wet N Wild Gel Eyeliner
CoverGirl LashBlast

NYX Toast l/l
MAC Honeyflower l/s
ELF clear gloss

Satin Taupe is a go-to eyeshadow that I have neglected, but have recently resurrected. I will definitely be using it more often. Also I have upcoming posts/pics for MAC Light Over Dark blush and Black Radiance Complexion Perfection primer.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My new fave lip combo

Hi Makeup Lovers - I've discovered a new lip combo that I LOVE!
MAC Viva Cindi lipstick + Mac Viva Glam VI lipglass = LOVELOVELOVE

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Makeup Survey

I got this survey from Jen’s makeup blog and thought it would be fun to complete. Check Jen out here...she is super talented. If you guys answer the survey, let know….I’d love to read it.

1. What time did you do your makeup today?
6:30 AM
2. What's the least expensive beauty item you used?
I used a few cheapies today, but I think the Black Radiance Self Adjusting lipgloss was the cheapest.
3. What was the biggest problem you needed to correct?
large pores
4. Did you apply false eyelashes?
5. Did you do anything while applying makeup?
Watched the news and ate egg whites
6. Biggest makeup mishap today?
nothing too bad
7. Did you have a makeup inspiration in mind?
The goal was to do a 5 minute face
8. What's the most time-consuming part of your makeup routine?
Usually blush bc my lighting is horrible. Sometimes I have to walk around to different rooms and look in different mirrors to make sure I didn’t apply too much.
9. What's part of your routine is the most fun?
10. What part of your makeup makes the biggest difference in the way you look?
11. Neutral or colorful eyeshdaow?
neutral today.
12. Liquid or mineral foundation?
No foundation – just primer and blush
13. Do you do your hair or makeup first?
Makeup first – which means I usually only have 5 minutes left for hair…not good.
14. Did you pack a makeup bag to take with you for the day?
Nope. Just my lipgloss.
15. When did you finish your makeup?
About 6:40 (not quite a 5 minute face)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

EOTD with MAC Cut To Fit

I purchased this eyeshadow a few weeks ago from MAC's Pret-a-Prepier collection because I was sure that I didn't have anything like it. It is described as a "frosted red bronze" and upon first glance looks like Antiqued but I think it has a bit more orange in it.

Here is an eye look I came up with - click pics to enlarge

I used Rubenesque paint pot, Cut to Fit e/s on the lid, and (I think) Mulch in the outer corner and crease, and a generic soft frown to blend out the crease color.

I really like this color, especially paired with Rubenesque paint pot. I've always been afraid of orangey-rust colors for eyeshadows but I think it compliments my skin tone.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Most Underrated Eyeshadow

Hi Beauties,

It's been awhile but I think I'm good to go now. I felt so lost without being able to post to the blog UGH! On to makeup!!

Most brands have underrated or overlooked products but one of my most favorite-est of all time is MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow. I love this because it is so versatile; who doesn't love a color that is work and party appropriate?

All That Glitters is a little deceiving in that it looks...well, boring. It is described as a "beige with gold pearl" which doesn't sound to exciting to me, but when applied, depending on the base, or method of application, can look quite different. Take a look...

It can be used as a highlight, inner corner color, all over the lid, over a dark or light base, etc. If any of you have been overlooking this color, ya'll need to take a second look! This color looks great on all complexions.

Do any of you have this e/s?

Revisiting NARS Sheer Glow

Ok, I am somewhat back from my hiatus and computer/PDA meltdowns so lets get right to it.

I got a sample of NARS Sheer Glow foundation that everyone was raving about and I originally thought it was too light. Recently I decided to revisit the foundation sample (I have the color Cadiz) and for some reason it doesn’t look like a mismatch. I think it looks like it matches my skin color…what do you guys think?

The blue eyeliner is a MAC Pearlglide in Petrol Blue.

PLEASE excuse the head scarf!!