Friday, September 30, 2011

Magically Cool??

I'm going to keep the typing to a minimun bc my wrist has been killing me lately -- it feels like a sprain and hurts everytime I try to move it. Bear with me...
This look is from a few weeks ago. I was taking a break from my study schedule to have brunch with a friend. Since my life revolves around work and school and I have no life lately, I was super excited to get all cute.

I picked up the MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder from my local COO and couldn't wait to try it. This was limited edition from the Disney Collection and I was bummed that I missed out on it. I applied it as a bronzer and ummm...can you see it? I dont think I can.

When swatched on my wrist, it is a beautiful bronze shade, but when I applied it to my cheeks it left a little to be desired. Maybe it'll work as a highlighter. Let me know if you want me to swatch it.

How do you guys use this product?

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MAC Studio Finish Concealer
MAC MSF Natural
MAC Light Over Dark blush
MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun

ELF eyeshadow primer
UD Naked Palette : Sidecar from lid to crease; Gunmetal applied over Sidecar
MAC Chromographic eyeliner
Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara

NYX lipliner in Brown Cafe'
Wet N Wild lipstick in 930C
clear gloss

Thursday, September 22, 2011


On September 21, 2011 at 11:08pm, Troy Davis was executed in the state of Georgia by lethal injection. To see the details of the case, click here. I could go on for DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS about what is so fundamentally, socially, morally wrong in the Troy Davis case, but I wont. I will simply say that the only to avoid another situation like this is to eliminate the death penalty altogether.

I will try my damndest not to go on a teary-eyed rant regarding my feelings about racial disparities and the judicial system. I'll try to focus on one aspect of this situation (my issues with the death penalty) and, although I am not a proponent of capital punishment, I wont focus on all of the gross examples of "well,why Troy Davis and not so-and-so?" I won't mention the Sean Bell case. God, please help me to hold my tongue about Casey Anthony. I'll stick to the broader issue: Why do Americans feel that it is "humane" to execute another human being? Execute. That word. I just...can't.

A few facts:

Approximately 120 people have been exonerated from death row due to serious holes in the prosecution with at least one dozen of those cases being the result of DNA evidence.

There have been reported cases of botched executions, including the most "humane" method - lethal injection. One of the drugs used in lethal injection executions has been banned for use on animals for fear that it masks rather that relieved pain. This idea of a peaceful sleeplike death is untrue!

Due to medical ethics doctors are forbidden from conducting executions, which many times leaves prison staff and orderlies to perform this function...not cool, not smart, unsafe.

Until the 1980's the electric chair was the primary method of execution, however it is still used; the last electric chair execution took place in 2002 in Alabama. 2000 volts of electricity, internal body temperatures reaching upwards of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, reports of prisoners catching on fire, defecating, eyes gouging and resting on the cheeks, and vomiting blood can hardly be considered humane.

The news of Troy Davis' execution sent me into an uncontrollable crying spell and a deep sadness over the lack of compassion for this man. Let alone the lack of evidence. It made me question the fundamentals of our judicial system. It made me want to ensure that this does not happen to another person.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Inspired Purple!

I did this look almost two months ago, hence the dark roots. I was putting off getting my hair colored simply because I didn't have the time when my straight, male co-worker gave me the stank face and asked, "What's going on with your roots?" I had to do something ASAP!

I was inspired by Yummy 411's Purple Life look but wanted something I could wear to work as well.

I don't know what I was thinking when I used my extra thick eye cream under an Urban Decay eyeliner (used all over the lid) without setting it with a shadow. Needless to say : crease city.

Take a look:

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NYX HD primer
UD 24/7 liner in Ransom
MAC My Dark Magic (LE) outer corner and lower lash line
WNW Vanity palette - soft brown color to blend edges & shimmery white to highlight inner corner
UD 24/7 liner Binge on waterline
Eve Pearl HD Powder Duo as a transition color
NYX conealer in a jar to define brows

Eve Pearl Salmon concealer under eyes
Eve Pearl HD Powder Duo
L’Oreal blush in Natural

Nars Risky Business lipgloss

HAIR: 3 day old wash n go refreshed with a bit of leave in and water

Thursday, September 15, 2011

WOOSAH, Water, and FOTD

MakeupLovers I'm alive! I have been SUPER busy with work and school and I think my skin has been showing the signs of my stress. ugh! Thankfully in a few weeks my work schedule will lighten up tremendously. Until then I'm drinking lots of water, exercising on my lunch hour (since I have no time before or after work!!), trying to eat right, and trying to woosah as much as possible.

On to a makeup: A while back - maybe last summer - I stopped using my MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural because I felt it was starting to make me look red. I mean, out of the blue, one day it was fine and the

I decided to give it another go today nearly one year later and it worked perfectly fine. It gave a nice finish, kept my skin matte pretty much all day, and didn't oxidize on me. #WINNING!

Concealer above the eyebrow is always a nice surprise when you look at yourself in pictures *rolls eyes*

click pics to enlarge.

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Soft Ochre paint pot
UD Buck
UD Virgin
MAC Chromographic Pencil on Waterline
Lash Stiletto mascara

MAC Studio Moisture Tint applied to the middle of my face
MAC Studio Finish concealer to redness around my nose and under eye circles
WNW Bronzer in Princess
MAC Foolish Me blush
MAC MSF Natural to set

NYX l/l in Brown Cafe
Revlon lipstick in Lilac

5 day old Domincan blowout

Have you guys ever tried something after a long period of time and fallen back in love with it?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Natural Glow

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Black Radiance primer
MAC Tinted Moisturizer
MAC Studio Finish concealer for undereyes & to define brows
Eve Pearl HD Powder duo to set the center of face
Milani Pressed Powder on the perimeter of the face
Milani bronzer in Golden
ELF bronzing powder in Warm Tan
Korres blush in Natural
MAC Foolish Me blush
MAC MSF in Shimpagne as a higlight

MAC PP in Natural
WNW Vanity Palette – left row 1st & 2nd colors blended together on lid; Right row top color on inner corner
MAC Chromographic Pencil on waterline
Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara

Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate
MAC Resort Life lipgelee (LE)

HAIR - Co-washed this morning & pulled into a loose low bun using leave in conditioner, jojoba oil, and a little eco styler gel.