Saturday, April 30, 2011

Flat iron - Long post!!

Hi Beauties,

A little over a month ago I was contact by John of to try out the Hana Professional Flat Iron (the pink version)...ummm, hell yeah!!

Misikko is a website that sells hair products, hair tools, as well as a few non - hair products such as fingernail polish etc.

First off, lets talk about customer service : Exceptional. I had a problem with my package being sent back (LONG STORY), but John was very accomodating and got it sent right back out to me. He was in communication with me the entire time.

Packaging was a dream! I was gifted a teddy bear with the Misikko name, some makeup and fignernail files, hand sanitizer, heat protectant, hair gloss, eye cover (for when you sleep...have no idea what its called! SORRY), extra hair goodies (heat protectant and mist protector) and the flat iron and accessories. Acessories include a heat proof pad & pouch, sturdy but cute storage pouch - all in a metal tin.

Performance: AMAZING! I've used plenty of flat irons in my day and this one takes the cake. Heats up super fast, and my straightening time was reduced. I did burn my fingers a few time as the outside of the flatiron can sometimes get hot.

Price: At $118, it is pretty comprable to other "high end" hair tools.

Bottom Line: I would recommend this website and this flat iron to everyone!!

The Hana flat iron took my hair from this:

to this:


  1. Aww you look so pretty with the straightened hair. The entire look is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your experience with the flat iron.

  2. I love your hair it looks good curly or straight wow that was very nice of them to let you try it out and free makeup yipee. ..