Saturday, July 14, 2012

MAC Face and Body Foundation - My Thoughts

Hey Makeup Lovers!

Typically, I am not a foundation wearer. I'll apply it if I'm attending an event at which pictures will be taken (i.e. wedding, maybe girls night, work events) but on a day to day basis I wear minimal makeup which includes finishing powder and maybe concealer and tinted moisturizer.

Recently I've been experimenting with MAC Face & Body Foundation because of its water-based, water resistant, lightweight properties. I have very sensitive skin and have not experienced any breakouts since testing this out for the past few weeks - THUMBS UP!

Water resistant
Sheer but can be layered for a more medium coverage
Photographs well
Dewey finish, but non greasy
Lots of product in the bottle
Great for those with sensitive skin

Sheer coverage -  for those who desire a more full coverage foundation this is not it
Some may not like the dewey finish


  1. This foundation makes your skin look flawless! You must already have perfect skin if it's lightweight. I personally need more coverage but I so wish I could pull off a lightweight foundation like you can. BTW, what kind of mascara are you wearing? Your lashes looks beautiful!

  2. This is probably my fave foundation from Mac, good review.

  3. Sharia Nicole - Awww, thanks! My skin is FAR from perfect, but hyperpigmentation and/or acne are not my normal issues so this worked for me. I think I am wearing CoverGirl Lashblast mascara.

    Ms. Viva Glam - Thanks Ma'am!

  4. My question didn't post earlier. I asked what is it exactly that women are doing wrong when they end up with that "ghost" look when snapped by a photographer? Would love insight into this from the make-up side so that I may be able to possibly adjust when shooting someone who may come out a bit ghostly.