Thursday, February 25, 2010

Review - Victoria Secret Lasting FX Eyeshadow Primer

Usually I do not like VS makeup, but a few months ago I picked up a VS concealer/corrector palette which I absolutely love. I decided that I would try some of the other products in their Pro makeup line.

Two weeks ago I spotted this eyeshadow primer, priced at $8, so I decided to try it.

PROS: I have been using this primer alot and it's great. The texture is light and silky and it disappears into the skin when applied. It is odorless and colorless. I experienced no creasing at all and the e/s colors appear more vibrant when applied over this primer. It definitely prolongs the life of my eyeshadow.

CONS: When this primer sits for a while, the product starts to separate a bit - When this happens you can get an oily film (for lack of a better word). To avoid this just shake well before before use or squeeze out all of the oil that has settled to the bottom. This is not a deal breaker for me, but some may find it annoying.

I would definitely recommend this primer as it is a great alternative to UDPP or TFSI. For me, this is a must have.

Have you guys tried any on the VS Pro products? I think they may be stepping up their makeup game.


  1. Hey Girl,I love your makeup looks...very pretty and soft looks..I'm new to the blogging world,so check me out and follow me..Thanks love...xoxo

  2. hey doll! i stumbled upon your blog and you are a beauty...i really wanna try this since i get giftcards to vickys secret all the time..i like a few shades of there lipsticks..anyways urban decay eyeshadow primer is getting too expensive for me to keep up i find i cant afford nice gonna give this a go..thanx for sharing

  3. Hey Jalyssackex - let me know how it works for you!

  4. you found this pro item at your vs?? i have the concealer pro palette that i LOVE, but haven't seen any pro items in the store??

  5. @ Yummy - yes ma'am! I was surprised to see it as well. I got it at the Vickie's in PG Plaza (of all places!). They are usually pretty good on stock too.