Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tanned & Bronzed

Hi Beauties!!!
I'm back from the beach with a little tan and alot of NYC bronzer! My weekend at the beach was super relaxing...hopefully I will have time to get back to the beach in the next 2 weeks before I start my new job!

I'm wearing MAC tinted moisturizer, NYC bronzer, MAC Petticoat MSF with MAC Viva Glam Gaga lipstick. On the eyes I'm rocking Urban Decay's Book of Shadows (Scratch, Underground, and Zero).


  1. Hey great look...great hair again too. I think I get the best 'bronzed' looked from drugstore bronzers. My Wet n Wild Bali Bronze is still at the top of my list. I'm almost out so its between Prestige and an NYC bronzer.

  2. ...ALLmEYEn...Oooh - I LOVE my WnW bronzer too! The last pic is a wash n go, but I changed my mind and pulled it up into a bushy ponytail...glad you like!

  3. Gorgeous!! Love the bronze and Lady gaga lipstick on you.