Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Joise Moran Tinted Moisturizer

Hey Guys! Found this SUUUUUPER old post from way back when my hair was colored lol.

I picked up a Josie Moran tinted moisturizer around a year ago. I was super excited because all of her products are infused with Argan oil but was sorely disappointed by the lack of coverage it provided. I am well versed in tinted moisturizers as I wear them/test new ones all the time, but this?...nah. I'll pass. I'm wearing it here with powder.

What is nice about this product is that it contains Agran Oil which is great for the skin. It also makes the product very moisturizing which is nice in cooler months.

**UPDATE** To date, this product has sat unused since this time. Maybe I will use it as moisturizer in the future.
I'm thinking of revisiting this hair color. What do you guys think?