Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bold Lips - New Pic

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone brought in the new year doing something fun. Despite not feeling well, I went to try out a new restaurant with the BF and ended up having a pretty good time with some great food and good drinks. Unfortunately I did not party the night away, but instead was in bed by 2...not my usual New Years Eve, but hey, I said I wasn't feeling well!

The look below was taken about a month ago. It's a go to look that I like to do because, depending on the lip color, you can wear it either to church or to the club. It's very versatile. Needless to say I was not going to church with the glitter and bold, red lips that I added, lol.

This look can be more subtle if you skip the glitter, go with a nude lip and less dramatic bronzer.

FACE: This look involves dewy skin with lots of highlight on the cheekbones, nose and forehead and a generous amount of bronzer. I used MAC MSF Foundation and MAC Refined Golden Bronzer (I think???)

EYES: Rimmel brow pencil, UDPP, gold color on lid and tear duct, brown in crease, and highlight color with some shimmer. I also added a gold glitter eyeliner and LOTS of mascara.

BOLD RED LIPS! When doing a bold lip, don't forget to outline the lips with some concealer for a sharp, clean look.

I'm having serious lighting issues at my home...meaning the lighting in my apartment sucks everywhere but in the kitchen, so please excuse the paper towels and the bottle of Nuvo in the background :-)

Let me know what you think? Also, any lighting suggestions?
Till next time...


  1. That's a very nice look. I really like your lip color. Do you remember what color you were wearing?

  2. Hi ejr268 - I think I am wearing a Black Opal lipgloss duo called Cinema Sweets.

  3. OMG, that red lip color looks *stunning* on you!! :) xo