Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hair of the Week - Long post

Hi MakeupLovers! Today's post is all about hair. The other day I posted about my summer favorites and mentioned my Shea butter/Shealoe mix (click here to read the post and to see what I used in the mixture).

A few weeks ago I used the mixture to achieve a twist out style. Basically I co-washed and conditioned my hair, used a leave in conditioner and applied my Shea butter mixture to wet hair.

I parted my hair from ear to ear then flat twisted my hair in 2 layers and secured the ends with perm rods. I had a total of about 10 twists. After I allowed my hair to fully dry I released the twists in the morning and here are the results.

The pics were taken at the end of the day, hence the "friendly frizz". Click to enlarge.

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rough edges! lol!

2nd and 3rd day hair

4th day hair; pics taken in the morning on the way to work
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I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of hold I got my just using this mixture and my hair was super moisturized.

At night I preserved the style by pineappling my hair (gathering and securing my hair on top of my head in a loose, high ponytail using a scrunchy), taking it down in the morning and refreshing with Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Leave in Conditioner, maybe a little oil, and my fluffing with my fingers. (The 4th day hair has been given new life with a little more shea butter mix and oil).

If you guys have any questions about co-washing, twisting, etc. let me know. I'll be happy to clarify.

**I believe I got that headband at Target.