Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dressmaker, Dressmaker

A good friend hosted a housewarming over the weekend and this is the look I went for. I wanted to keep things peachy and neutral so opted for no eyeshadow, heavy liner, and light lips. AS you can see my skin is not being nice to me at the moment UGH!

Does anyone else have MAC's lipstick in Dressmaker, Dressmaker? I think its a nice shade when you don't want anything over the top.

MAC Satinfish foundation + Lancome concealer
WNW bronzer used as a blush and bronzer

Lancome Artliner on top lash line
Urban Decay pencil in Zero on waterline
Lancome Hypnose Drama (I think)

MAC l/s in Dressmaker, Dressmaker

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  1. I dont have that lipstick but it is a pretty color. I will have to look into it

  2. I don't have Dressmaker, Dressmaker...but it looks like a really pretty shade. I hate when my face decides to act up when I'm blogging...LOL. I don't have acne prone skin but when it decides to act up...its acts a fool w/ the most visible blemishes. Blemish or no blemish, the look is still cute. How do you like that Lancome Hypnose mascara?

  3. Thanks Ladies! And yes, I LOVE Hypnose Drama.