Sunday, November 1, 2009

ELF Cosmetics Part II

Hey guys - just a quick update from my previous post on my ELF Cosmetics with a few pics. I also picked up my first pair of lashes and decided to try them out yesterday on Halloween - I figured that if they looked tacky I could always say they were for Halloween lol.

I purchased the lashes from my local beauty supply store for around $3. I also purchased some lash glue by Ardell. My first attempt at applying falsies was...pretty painless. The right lash went on with no problem, but I had some problems with the left one. After finally getting them on I first thought they were a little too long, but after looking at them for a little while (and getting some positive reinforcement from my mom) I decided that I liked them. I even attended a gathering at a friend's house and got rave reviews on my lashes. I wore them through the day until about 4:00 am to a party and noticed that my problem eye (the left one) started to feel irritated around 2:00 am - maybe I got some lash glue on/in my eye somehow?? My overall opinion: I will apply them again for an extra special event or for the sake of practice.

About the ELF products : The cuticle oil was pretty pointless. Maybe I received a "bad" one but it pretty much sucks. I like the blush (Tickled Pink) but it may be a bit pasty for my skin tone; maybe I can layer a cream blush underneath it. Check out the pic below and tell me what you think. The bronzing powders have a very powdery, cheap consistency but I actually like the colors, esp. the highlight shade, Luminance. I will keep you posted on the e/s primer since I haven't used it yet.

ELF Haul

ELF Bronzing Powder swatches (l to r: Warm Tan, Sun Kissed, Luminance)

Look using all ELF products with falsies

On another note, fellow blogger Yummy 411 mentioned how much of a pain it is to post pics to Blogger and she is SO RIGHT! Sorry guys - you only get a few pics this time around...I can' t deal with picture issues right now.

Till next time...

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