Sunday, March 14, 2010

Purple Passion FOTD

Hey Makeup Lovers!

I'm trying to come up with creative names for my posts...what do you think? Lame or not? lol

Anywho - I wore this face last weekend.

Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer & Treatment in Med/Tan
MAC MSF Foundation - which has become too dark for me right now
MAC X Rocks Blush
MAC Shimpagne to highlight

Victoria Secret Primer
Trax on lid and slightly above
Beauty Marked over Trax
Sketch in outer corner and into crease
Yogurt on inner corner
Cover Girl LashBlast mascara

MAC Shitake l/s
Revlon Cherry Blossom l/s


  1. Pretty lip combo and your hair looks so healthy! Lol I just had to comment on both. Pretty look girly.

  2. The catchy name sounds good. The look came together really well. I have most of the products except Beauty Marked but I have a dupe so I'll have to give this look a try. It looks really good. Oh and I tagged you too.

  3. I like this look. I gave you the sunshine award . Pls check it out on my page

  4. Thanks Shy'la! I don't have a relaxer so that has contributed to the health of my hair. The lip combo was a fluke but I like the way it turned out. :)

    ALLmEYEne - You should definitely give it a try. And thanks for the tag!

    Tinuke- I'm glad you like the look and thanks for the award! :)